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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Muthgasse 11
1190 Vienna


I am a scientist in the Molecular Diagnostics Unit at the Austrian Institute of Technology.




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Research Interests

(*) Analysis of high-throughput biological data - especially next-generation sequencing data

(*) Development of bioinformatics methods and tools (NGS, Assembly, QPCR, ...)

(*) Epigenetics

(*) Integration of heterogeneous high-throughput data

(*) Multivariate data analysis


Gencay M, Vermeulen M, Neofytos D, Westergaard G, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Seffner A, Gohl P, Huebner K, Nauck M, Kaminski WE.
Substantial variation in the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in hepatitis B virus (HBV)-positive patients from South Africa: Reliable detection of HBV by the Elecsys HBsAg II assay.
J Clin Virol. 2018 Jan 30;101:38-43. pubmed

Gencay M, Hübner K, Gohl P, Seffner A, Weizenegger M, Neofytos D, Batrla R, Woeste A, Kim HS, Westergaard G, Reinsch C, Brill E, Thu Thuy PT, Hoang BH, Sonderup M, Spearman CW, Pabinger S, Gautier J, Brancaccio G, Fasano M, Santantonio T, Gaeta GB, Nauck M, Kaminski WE.
Ultra-deep sequencing reveals high prevalence and broad structural diversity of hepatitis B surface antigen mutations in a global population.
PLoS One. 2017 May 4;12(5). pubmed

Pandey RV, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Weinhäusel A.
DaMold: a data-mining platform for variant annotation and visualization in molecular diagnostics research.
Hum Mutat. 2017 Apr 11. pubmed

Pandey RV, Pulverer W, Kallmeyer R, Beikircher G, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Weinhäusel A.
MSP-HTPrimer: a high-throughput primer design tool to improve assay design for DNA methylation analysis in epigenetics.
Clin Epigenetics. 2016 Sep 21;8. pubmed

Pabinger S, Ernst K, Pulverer W, Kallmeyer R, Valdes AM, Metrustry S, Katic D, Nuzzo A, Kriegner A, Vierlinger K, Weinhäusel A.
Analysis and Visualization Tool for Targeted Amplicon Bisulfite Sequencing on Ion Torrent Sequencers.
PLoS One. 2016 July 28;11(7). pubmed

Pandey RV, Pulverer W, Kallmeyer R, Beikircher G, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Weinhäusel A.
MSRE-HTPrimer: a high-throughput and genome-wide primer design pipeline optimized for epigenetic research.
Clin Epigenetics. 2016 Mar 5;8:26. pubmed

Pandey RV, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Weinhäusel A.
MutAid: Sanger and NGS Based Integrated Pipeline for Mutation Identification, Validation and Annotation in Human Molecular Genetics.
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Pandey RV, Pabinger S, Kriegner A, Weinhäusel A.
ClinQC: a tool for quality control and cleaning of Sanger and NGS data in clinical research.
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Friedrich V, Pabinger S, Chen T, Messner P, Dewhirst FE, Schäffer C.
Draft Genome Sequence of Tannerella forsythia Type Strain ATCC 43037.
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Friedrich V, Gruber C, Nimeth I, Pabinger S, Sekot G, Posch G, Altmann F, Messner P, Andrukhov O, Schäffer C.
Outer membrane vesicles of Tannerella forsythia: biogenesis, composition, and virulence.
Mol Oral Microbiol. 2015 May 8. pubmed

Maghuly F, Jankowicz-Cieslak J, Pabinger S, J. Till B, and Laimer M.
Geographic origin is not supported by the genetic variability found in a large living collection of Jatropha curcas with accessions from three continents.
Biotechnology Journal. 2014 Dec. pubmed

Pabinger S, Rödiger S, Kriegner A, Vierlinger K, Weinhäusel A.
A survey of tools for the analysis of quantitative PCR (qPCR).
Biomolecular Detection and Quantification. 2014 Sep 18;1:23-33. pubmed

Dander A, Baldauf M, Sperk M, Pabinger S, Hiltpolt B, Trajanoski Z.
Personalized Oncology Suite: integrating next-generation sequencing data and whole-slide bioimages.
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Schweiger D, Trajanoski Z, Pabinger S.
SPARQLGraph: a web-based platform for graphically querying biological Semantic Web databases.
BMC Bioinformatics. 2014 Aug 15;15(1):279. pubmed

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Integration of NGS Data and Images of Tissue Sections for Personalized Oncology.
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Pabinger S, Snajder R, Hardiman T, Willi M, Dander A, Trajanoski Z.
MEMOSys 2.0: an update of the bioinformatics database for genome-scale models and genomic data.
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Dander A*, Pabinger S*, Sperk M, Fischer M, Stocker G, and Trajanoski Z.
SeqBench: Integrated solution for the management and analysis of exome sequencing data.
BMC Research Notes, 2014, 7:43. *These authors contributed equally to this work. pubmed

Pabinger S and Trajanoski Z.
MEMOSys: Platform for Genome-Scale Metabolic Models.
Encyclopedia of Metagenomics. 2014, pp 1-7. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-6418-1_702-5

Dander A, Mueller L, Gallasch R, Pabinger S, Emmert-Streib F, Graber A, and Dehmer M.
[COMMODE] a large-scale database of molecular descriptors using compounds from pubchem.
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QPCR: Application for real-time PCR data management and analysis.
BMC Bioinformatics, 10:268, 2009. pubmed



web application to store and analyze data from qPCR experiments. More information here.


bioinformatics platform for the management and development of metabolic models.


cloud-enabled pipeline for the comprehensive analysis of exome sequencing data.


visual query builder for biological RDF databases. Winner of the EBI RDFApp competition.


analysis of targeted bisulfite sequencing data generated on an Ion Torrent PGM / Illumina MiSeq.


Data-mining platform for variant annotation and visualization.

PRINSEQ Parallel

parallelized, multithreading version of PRINSEQ.